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Would you like to join this venture? The first step is signing the declaration of intents.

There's nothing else you must do until there are enough partecipants. Of course the pledge is not a legally binding contract (there are not fines for breaching it!) but it is a moral obligation.

Once there are enough partecipants and a municipality has been chosen, we could get in touch with you for a last confirmation.

You can delete your account from the personal area in case you change your mind.

  • If the winning municipality will be among the ones I gave a positive vote to, and if the overall number of votes will be at least equal to the number of residents, I oblige myself:

    1. to change my legal residence to the winning municipality, as soon as possible or within 8 years at most.
    2. to really move, as far as my situation allows, my place of residence and my job in the winning municipality.
    3. to sign up in the electoral register and vote at the local elections, helping the association's purpose.
    4. to support other kinds of actions and ways of protest that have the purpose to attain, in non-violent ways, the Association's objective.

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  • In compliance with the article 13 of the Privacy Code (Legislative Decree 196/2003 of the Italian Juridical System) (the "Code"), we inform you that Associazione Libero Comune, as Holder, treats electronically your data only for communications pertaining to the Association, including the answer to questions or a confirmation of your partecipation. The data you have freely furnished, expressing in this way your consent, will not be spread nor used for commercial purpose or in any other way unrelated to the Association's purpose. The conferment of your personal data is always optional but, if the fields of the above form marked as "compulsory" are not filled in, it could not be possible to have communications between you and the Association. Your data will be stored by the Holder and, as person interested, you have all rights provided for by the article 7 of the Code, including the right to access for free the data, to obtain their prompt updating or their cancellation due to lawbreaking and also to oppose the treatment of your data for purposes concerning commercial or advertising information.

    The Holder of the treatment is: Associazione Libero Comune, Via Vitali, 27 - 29121 Piacenza (PC) Italia, info@liberocomune.it

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Associazione Libero Comune

Via Vitali, 27 - 29121 Piacenza (PC) Italy