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The Libero Comune Association was born to coordinate the move of the greatest possible number of anti-statists (of libertarian orientation) to a specific Italian town, in order to create a solid political and demographic majority at the local level.

He who wishes to participate must sign the declaration of intents and give a preference vote to the listed municipalities. The association will select the winning municipality by 2014,
provided that it reaches a sufficient number of participants.

From that moment the partecipants will be invited to move their legal residence in that municipality, as soon as they have the opportunity but not later than within 8 years.

The intermediate goal is the victory of our followers in the local elections and the implementation of liberist policies, in order to facilitate as much as possible new start-ups and further immigration.

The long-term goal is the complete secession by the Italian state with the creation of a true consensual government and without claim to territorial monopoly.

Associazione Libero Comune

Via Vitali, 27 - 29121 Piacenza (PC) Italy