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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions, in order to explain the association's objective.

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  1. What is the Libero Comune Project ?

    It is an association inspired by the Free State Project to do something similar in Italy

  2. Well but what is the Free State Project?

    FSP is a movement born in the U.S. to organize the move of 20,000 libertarians in the State of New Hampshire. In this way, they want to concentrate a sufficient critical mass to influence local politics and keep to a minimum the state power.

  3. Yeah, but we're in Italy, what do you plan to do?

    We want to find enough people who share anti-statist ideas and who are willing to change their legal residence to a specific Italian town in order to become the majority population.

  4. Does it matter? Italian municipalities have little power.

    They have very little autonomy with respect to what we would like but they are not entirely powerless. The municipalities have a certain freedom as regards exemptions on trade, the various municipal taxes, ICI, licenses to be liberalized, public transports, urban planning, etc. ... We will begin with an intermediate stage of liberalization with the goal of achieving the complete secession as soon as the circumstances warrant it.

  5. You bastards, you want to destroy Italy!

    Emancipating yourself from a group of robbers who exercises executive power in a given territory, that is the central government, is not equal to give up being Italian. The italian State is not the Italians and the Italians are not their central state. The last 170 years have been a tragedy for the peoples of the peninsula who have lived their best times when they were divided into small states.

  6. How does it works exactly?

    He who wants to participate must sign a declaration of intents in which he expresses his interest. In this way he takes on a moral commitment to change his residence to the winning municipality within a certain number of years, provided that he has given a positive vote to that municipality and that the number of participants is at least equal to the number of residents. For example: If we get to 701 members who have given a positive vote to Vinadio, this town may become the objective of this project.

  7. Who can partecipate?

    All Italian citizens, or from any country of the European Union, who have their legal residence in the municipality and register themselves in the electoral list can vote in local elections. Citizens of other EU countries must also fill out a special request to vote.

  8. Which italian municipality is the objective of the prject?

    Each person signing the declaration of intent can vote on the municipalities listed. The winner, the town that offers the greatest chance of success, will be decided by the Association based on the votes and the number of partecipants.

  9. Ok, let's imagine you get enough partecipants, what will happen??

    Since the first years can be enough numerous and active to win the local elections. We will implement liberist policies aimed at encouraging the development of local businesses. After a few years, thanks to the economic development and the arrival of new participants, we could have the numbers for a referendum on secession.

  10. What if I change my mind?

    Nothing happens, no one will come looking for you at home! However, to avoid wasting time and for courtesy towards others it is better that only those who are sure to partecipate sign the declaration of intents.

  11. How long will it take?

    It's a long-term project. About a year after the creation of the website we'll decide the town, then 8-10 years at most to reach a decisive number of residents, then maybe another 10 years for secession. It is possible to reach this goal by 2030.

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